2018apr02 • Sunset

2018Apr02 04:02 • Sunset 日落🌄

Across from CUHK campus, Hong Kong

Despite my namesake 「曉」(dawn, daybreak) and my joy at seeing the first rays of sunshine peeking through, I rarely have enough motivation or awake early enough to enjoy such beautiful scenery. More often, I’ll watch as the sun slips into oblivion and the day overcast into night. Just the other day, this sun has silently tiptoed all it’s way above the mountain, and at almost neck breaking speed popped underneath the mountain line for a quick nap. Barely had the time to snap a picture of it, with a phone, nonetheless!

I do hope I’ll get into better lifestyle habits, hopefully have the energy to motivate others around me too. Not that I want to see the sunrise everyday, but at least not wake up two hours before the sun goes to bed. Somehow, that just doesn’t seem right.



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