2018apr22 • Prolific

Taken on a trip to Kyoto, Arashiyama. The prolific growth of their sky-reaching bamboo trees is one of the most famous and must see locations of Arashiyama. Growing tall and reaching heights, from the nutritious soils of Mother Nature. Just like the sons and daughters that came from my grandma, raised tall and steadfast through trails, then taking a lead role in her grandchildren’s upbringing, till now with another great grandchildren on the way. This old lady before me, a shadow to my Grandma, but uttering such venomous harsh unforgiving words and shifty suspicious eyes finding fault to all those who love her.

And I know. We must not see the shell of her former glory, her incongruences and dissonance, but remember her once harmonious voice singing us to sleep, pouring into us all the love and patience she had.


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