2018may10 • Place in the World

Exactly a week ago, I tidied all my worldly belongings, packed my bags, said farewell to my friends and family, and jumped on a plane back to Vancouver.

The long plane rides made me a tad nervous, so not only did I prepare a huge playlist (which I forgot to transfer to my phone) and a large comfy blanket scarf (which I didn’t take out of my luggage), and movies and tv shows galore (on my laptop which stayed under the seat the whole ride). I also tried to do online check in everyday from 3 days before my flight (especially despite the AC website stating plainly they only accept online check ins 24hrs before flight), and then on the last day, I ended up checking in late!! And probably because of that, there was no window seats left, awwww! Ah well, I reassured myself window seats might be dangerous anyways (see Southwest Airlines!!). Except upon seeing the line up at Gate 64, did I realize it was going to be a veeeerrrryyyy full flight. And it was. Our hand carry luggage didn’t fit in any overhead bin (Thanks and Sorry to the flight attendant who helped us find a behind-the-seat space for my “slightly” overweight luggage and without charging me extra!!). The second good news was, they had “Black Panther” on their new feature movies aboard! Since I was looking forward to watching the new Avengers movie and wanted to know the Black Panther back story beforehand, despite having blatantly missed it while it was in theatres, hehe, now I had a second chance to watch it, yay! Although, ended up falling asleep and not continuing until almost landing so we missed a tiny bit of the ending (I hope it was just a tiny bit). Third bit of good news, the window seat person no-showed!! So not only did I have full access to the window seat, we now had 3 seats between the 2 of us, and I almost stretched my legs further than first class peeps (yo there!), and had 2 pillows at my disposal (not a teensy bit of back pain!). So turns out a nerve-racking 11hr 50min flight, was only a 11hr 39min flight with barely enough time to do what I wanted to complete!

And for those who think Canadians work slow? Well they flew us there and through customs in a jiffy, so fast my friends almost didn’t come in time to pick me up! Oh, because the baggage carousel decided to take pity and waited for them and delayed my bags till just before they got here, hmm.

So here I am, back in my favorite city and country, without a job or a loonie in my pocket, not a house to my name nor a car to take me home. But just today, as I took the escalator (with not a single person pushing or shoving or rolling their luggage over my toes) up to the skytrain station, I saw this beautiful scene between two high rises, with the Rockies in the distant, and the blue blue skies! Ahhhh… I’m sure thankful to be back!

(for now)…


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